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Blankets for Standards, Minis, Mammoths, Mules, Horses, Canines

Maggie Sheet
Ruth Winter

"Maggie" Godfrey of Edgewood New Mexico models her Standard Sheet Blanket.

"Ruth" Godfrey modles her
Standard Boss Winter Blanket.

Krackerjack winter blanket
Lacie my pj

"Krackerjack" models his WKid Mini Winter Blanket.

"Lacie" models her Mini MyPj's Blanket.

Hershey coat
Hershey play

"Hershey Brown" models our Canine winter coat

Sabio blanket

Sabio enjoyed his roll! This blanket is 5 years old & has held up very well over the years of wearing & washing. Our blankets last an average of 12-15 years. All of our larger blankets are made with a shoulder seam & chest pleats to allow freedom of movement. This unique design causes the blanket to naturally cover the knees & upper front legs when they lay down.

About Our Blankets

All of our blankets are made from a 100% commercial grade (durable) medium blue denim fabric for the outer shell. It is soft, stretches in both directions & holds up for many years of wearing & washing. The quilted inner lining for the heavier winter blankets is lightweight, soft, & holds its shape & loft year after year. The inner lining is a soft 100% cotton coordinating print. All of our blankets are made with an overlapping single front closure, single girth, & leg straps. These blankets are easily washed in your typical home washer with cold water. If you use a dryer, use the lowest heat setting. For the greatest longevity of the blanket, hang out to dry on a clothes line.

These blankets are made for the utmost comfort & ease of movement so your animal is comfortable 24/7. The adjustable leg straps do not have any cold, hard hardware to jab them when they lay down & you don't have to constantly replace hardware or elastic.

Donkeys are color sensitive & do not like bright colors nor do they like fabrics that make a lot of noise, hence, the reason behind our medium blue & the type of fabric we use. Good for you is the fact that the blue doesn't show dirt & stains like other colors would.

These blankets are not waterproof. Any waterproof fabric does NOT breathe as you often read. Put one of those waterproof blankets on you & you will see how fast you get too hot & you begin to sweat underneath. This is when animals get sick. Blankets must vent the air & serve as a shield between the animal & the elements. Putting the waterproof fabrics on your animal is like wrapping them up in plastic food wrap. To make our blankets resistant to rain we recommend using a product like Scotch Guard so that the blanket reacts more like a treated canvas would, less the weight. The animals learn quickly how beneficial the blankets are & they will seek shelter when it rains to keep the blanket dry.

Though we make & sell blankets, we believe that there is a proper place & time to use blankets & a time to leave them off. When you order a blanket from us, you will receive an instruction guide as to the proper use & temperature guidelines to help you maximize the care of your animal. If you have any blanketing questions, don't hesitate to ask us - even after you start using your blanket.

Sheet blankets are appropriate for temperatures between 45 & 70 degrees. Use for show clipped animals; to keep a bathed animal clean before an event; to keep the chill off of a stressed animal; to put under a heavier blanket for layering when temperatures dip into "minus", single digits or teens, depending on your region; or to prevent an animal from becoming ill when their immune system has been compromised.

Winter blankets are appropriate for temperatures between 12-32 degrees. In most situations, the winter blanket will be used more than the sheet blanket, unless you need to layer blankets when the cold temperatures are labeled as "extreme" or below the norm.

Before you Order

Measure your animal to determine the blanket size. If your animal does not fall into a size category or you are ordering a horse, mule, canine, or mammoth donkey, you will need to provide us with measurements (1) & (2) as illustrated below. Provide us with the third (3) measurement, if it is indicated.

(1) A through B to C. Make sure to put the measuring tape over
      the point of the shoulder (point B), to get the total length.
(2) D to E for the length to cover torso.
(3) F is the circumference if your animal is wide-sprung &/or       plump.

We often make blankets that are different from the sizes listed below & it is not a problem for us.

Gerry blanket measuring

Blanket Ordering & Pricing Table

**Order 6 or more blankets of ANY size/style & pay no shipping**

Shipping is determined by weight, dimension of box, destination, desired shipping carrier & standard or express delivery.

 The weight will give you a fair estimate of the shipping cost, by using your & our zip codes. We only charge you what it costs us to ship the order. We don't like shipping charges any more than you do.  We do the best we can to ship your order in a box whose size is the least expensive.



Standard Donkey Winter Blankets
$97.00 ea.
WBoss Std
58" x 30"
48" x 27"
WKid Std
46" x 25"
MyPj Baby Blanket
$65.00 ea.
MyPj Std
Standard Donkey  Sheet Blankets
$76.00 ea.
SBoss Std
58" x 30"
STween Std
48" x 27"
SKid Std
46" x 25"


Miniature Donkey Winter Blankets
$79.00 ea.
WBoss Mini
46" x 22"
WTween Mini
36" x 20"
WKid Mini
33" x 18"
MyPj Baby Blanket
$53.00 ea.
MyPj Mini
Miniature Donkey  Sheet Blankets
$59.00 ea.
SBoss Mini
46" x 22"
STween Mini
36" x 20"
SKid Mini
33" x 18"


Horse & Mule Winter Blankets
$157.00 ea.
Special Order
Horse & Mule Sheet Blankets
$110.00 ea.
Special Order


Draft Horse & Mule Winter Blankets
$192.00 ea.
Special Order
Draft Horse & Mule Sheet Blankets
$145.00 ea.
Special Order


Canine Winter Coats

* Specify exact length, depth, etc.

Canine Sprinter
$43.00 ea.
* 23" to 45"
Canine Foreman
$50.00 ea.
* 30" to 34"
Canine Grocery Burner
$70.00 ea.
* 35" to 45"

Custom Red Binding add $10.00 to any of the above.



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