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"Gerry" welcomes your calls & emails regarding any of our products & any problems or questions you might have. Please call us at 850-342-1193 or 850-363-1992 between 8:00am & 10:00pm Eastern time.

Placing orders:

We take our orders via email or phone because of the unique nature of our products & the vast amount of custom orders we process. This is not a "one size fits all"/shopping cart type of business.

Simply send us an email, or call us, requesting the items you want. We do not like to charge you any more than it costs us for shipping, hence, we will need to have your zip code before we can calculate that along with the weight & size of the box your order will be shipped in.

If you order multiple items, we will CONSOLODATE your shipping cost & not charge you the individual amounts stated on this site, thus, saving you money. This takes a little time/an email or two before you have the complete information regarding your order total & estimated shipping time, but it will save you money.


We accept credit / debit cards, PayPal transactions, personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, & wire transfers.

Foreign Customers:

We accept wire transfer orders which have been converted to US currency. We will work with each individual to give you the greatest consideration possible regarding the overseas shipping expense.

Helpful Links For Information & Resources:



American Donkey & Mule Society

The main communication network for owners of all longears, complete with a registrar. They publish the Brayer magazine 6 times a year. It is full of informative articles, lists of related books, breeders, lists of other subgroup registries, & much more.



Paso Fino Horse Association

The primary association &/or organization in the U.S. for the Paso Fino horse. Registrar,   sales, shows, events, etc. can be found on the website. They also publish the Paso Fino Horse World magazine which includes a variety of articles & information for the Paso Fino  enthusiast.  



**Website Resources**

Got Donkeys is a website for the miniature donkey owner which provides a free advertising service to allow owners to sell their animals, tack, & to list want ads as well. They also have a section for announcing shows, sales, & other events related to donkeys.



iHerb.com is likely, the largest source for finding herbs, noasodes, & natural health care items for humans & their long haired companions. Their products are of the highest quality, & their prices are reasonable.



**A Few of the breeders we personally know**

Miniature donkeys:

Little Friends Ranch, Almo, Ky.     littlefriendsranch.com

Sunny G Acres, Letts, Iowa     www.sunnygacres.com

Paso Fino Horses:

LaCaballeriza Paso Fino Horses, Weirsdale, Florida     www.lacaballerizapasofinos.com


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