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OuchSock Re-Usable Leg Bandage


Sabio front                                           Sabio hock

The OuchSock leg bandage fits anywhere on the equine leg, to cover wounds, rashes, & burns, enabling them to heal quickly. The equine will leave the wound alone because the bandage is lightweight, & unrestrictive. The wound is kept cleaner & therefore, scaring is greatly reduced or eliminated.


Sabio rear coronet                                          Sabio hock open

This bandage reduces the need for traditional bandage material & is washable & re-usable which saves you money. After attaching the bandage with Elastikon tape, you can open the bandage to examine & treat the wound & close it back up with the Velcro opening.

ORDER:            One= $12.45               Pair= $23.00               Set of four= $46.00

***Flat rate shipping for all OuchSocks= $6.50 ***

Select Size:       OSMini               OSJunior           OSAdult          OSBig & Tall


The Listo Halter

 We've brought the desirable qualities of the nylon web halters & the rope halters together for a very comfortable & reasonably priced halter for everyday use.  They are not too big/heavy for the minis or youngsters & are amply strong for horses & mules.


Sabio halter                                           Halter & Lead

 All Listo halters are solid green & a matching lead rope is also available as pictured above.
Both halter & lead are 1/2" diameter. Lead ropes are 10 or 12 feet long.
Specify length when ordering. Under normal use, they will last 15-20 years.

Parsley right                                            Parsley left

Right side view                                                                Left side view

(Modeled here by "Parsley", an adult mini)


Trigo face                                          Tigo left

Same halter as above, modeled by "Trigo" a yearling!

  The Listo halter is washable, strong, won't shrink, & it's versatile for all training purposes & daily use. The three solid brass rings will not rust/corrode & are handy for attaching all training equipment.


Matching Lead                            #LHLD 10                  $9.50 + 1 lb shipping*
                                                        #LHLD 12                  $12.50 + 1 lb shipping*

*Free shipping when ordered with a halter


Mini Donkey Halter                    #LHMD                  $11.85 + 1 lb shipping


Standard Donkey Halter            #LHSD                   $12.50 + 2 lb shipping


Mammoth Donkey Halter           #LHMMD              $14.50 + 3 lb shipping


Average Horse 800-1000lbs.       #LHAH                  $13.65 + 3 lb shipping


Mule/Large Horse                         #LHMH                  $15.25 + 4 lb shipping



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